Come, Little 'n' Big Children

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Shel's Medley.mp3
(poems of Shel Silverstein)
Christ, in His Mission.mp3 (Rich McKay)
The Giraffe Who Couldn't Laugh.mp3 Tale of the Jolly Mon (Jimmy Buffet)
The Weekend Song.mp3 (Rich in Spirit) The Hug.mp3 (Fred Small)
Fruit Salad.mp3 (Lange, Allen & Tazwell) The Mernaid (traditional)
1/2 Moon Rising.mp3 (Faerie Elaine Silver) If I Had a Hammer (the Weavers)
These 2 Hands.mp3
(G. Keelor/A. Descoteaux)
Winkin', Blinkin' n Nod.mp3 (traditional)
Have a Good Time.mp3 (Rich McKay) Sharon's Goin' Sailing.mp3
(Rich McKay / A. Descoteaux)
Love is Sparkling!.mp3 (Rich in Spirit)

Kid's movie on

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Download below:

7 minute kid's
7 minute kid's movie.avi

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