"Learnin' To Love" - The Sundogs

Native American
Listen to the
From the
Spin Doctors
Cleopatra's Cat.mp3

the Spin Doctors

Keep it
* The Weekend Song.mp3
* Love Is Sparkling!.mp3
While hiking
in the Alps
There's sparkle
in your eyes when ...
* Her Whistle & Her Spoons.mp3
* Learnin' To Love.mp3
I never had to leave
myhome to learn
this lesson

Can you relate?

* Berries
By the Road.mp3
Say You Won't,
Say You Will.mp3
If you're happy
still inside...
(Art Descoteaux)
Art is now playing
with Bubba System!
He carried no
time-piece ...
* Christ, in His Mission.mp3
* Sharon's Goin' Sailing.mp3
(Rich in Spirit
Art Descpteaix)
a gentle
intrumental ...
* American Hippie.mp3 (bonus track)
* (songs written by Rich in Spirit)
Art Descoteaux: fiddle, vibraphones, lead guitar, vocals
Rich in Spirit : vocals, guitar, spoons
Maggie Becker : backup vocals Kim Wroble : stand-up bass
Melody Cooper : backup vocals Jim Olean : percussion
Bert Lee : backup vocals Skipper Krippitz : percussion
Marty Stonely : bamboo flute R.B.Tolar : dobro

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