2021 Prism /Gatherings: New Mexico, Pennsylvania & Idaho

Above: Kendra, camping, oven, drum circle; Above Center: NM creek, bus, PA. drum circle; Below Lleft: map, key, July 4th, rainbow;
Below Center: Allegheny NF, banners, signs, Pat & Tree, oven crew, pizza; Below Right: food court, oven, rack, love meter, hammocks

Below Left: Karen, site map, mtns., banners, yiny camp; Below Center: Idaho creek, bridge, filter station, oven, tree-hugger;
Below Right: bus, bridge, filter station, Red & Don Joseph, tipi, jam, Jiva, Diego & Henry, rack, July 5th jam

Below Left: Idaho map, creek, Mni Wiconi, Spooky camp, flag, fireplace, Sunny, Fox & Harvest, dogs, Spirit House sign;
Below Center: Kat, food prep, utencils, guitars, oven, rolls; Below Right: fruit salad, stir-fry, uke, hammocks, tipi, July 4th

Below Left: Mackay (nearest town in Idaho), site map, "cop a squat", start of Spooky camp, Instant Soup sign & kitchen, from the stage
area, Larry & Bird. Waceem, Farmer John & Rich in Spirit; Below Center: Instant Soup (up the hill), "cop a squat", Brad & Farmer John,
Bird, Jiva, Shasta, RiS, who's butt? Below Right: tipi, yurt, ISK banner, John & Brad, Avacado Andy & Bird, Diego, Beth, Anne, Jiva,
Spirit, Brad & Bird, artist, Karen & her boys, Ethan & Luca, Frenchie & Art @ the oven

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