Rainbow Gathering, Oregon, 2017


Above (Courtesy Dawa): banner, maps, info center

Right Center: 2017 ISK t-shirt, Sofia & Alicia, Margo & Rich,

Storm & Kerry, Andias & Jasper, Eric Mandala


Above: tipi meadow, Wanna Burn sign, Nacho Mamas, Faerie Camp sign, flower, kids, Instant Soup Kitchen, Kenny & Avacado Andy, Main circle

Courtesy: John Alft (most of above)


Above: Map & Legend of Camps, Rainbow bridge, tipi meadow, Dan Nanamkin, Glowing Feather, Granola Funk stage, Eric Mandala, Boogie meadow (Courtesy: Dawa)

Right Center: Robbie & John, songstress, twirler, bagpiper, flower, Andy

Alft & Robbie

wanna burn

Above: Wanna Burn, Instant Soup Kitchen & bliss meadow,

Kid Village, Nacho Mamas, Spirit House

Courtesy: John Alft (most of above & left center)



Right Center (Courtesy Teriyani mostly): Instant Soup Kitchen,
serving, Kid Village ovens, Lovin' Ovens, main circle




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