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July 4th
Instant Soup

Tipis in the meadow (from parking lot); Instant Soup fireplace; Rythym & Joe; Henry, Rich & JimiJon; Tracy & Molly; Avacado Andy; Summer & Doc, serving up the soup.

Lynn & Felipe; Moshe Geller; Beth & Diego; kitchen jam; Rich, Summer & Jeff; Web of One

Tipis in the Meadow; pre-kitchen set-up in the snow; Instant Soup banners; Bees On Earth banners; Susan & Chris (from Bees On Earth)

Silent circle in the meadow for Peace on the morning of July 4th !

Cookies from the oven; Rainbow shoes (duck-taped together, lol); Joe Braun; Henry the Fiddler & Babbette; JimiJon; Vermin Supreme (mayor of the Rainbow Family); Glowing Feather (Maji); Rich in Spirit; a ghostly Glowing Feather