Players (from the top left:

Madek (Didgeridoo)

Chief Billy (stand-up and electric bass)

Elaine Silver (vocal harmony)

Chris B (lead guitar)

Lonnie Jacobson (electric bass)

Marty Stonely (saxaphones)


Bob Johnson (vocal harmony)

Tina Triggiani (vocal harmony)

Nina Newton (vocal harmony)

Wally Cain (banjo)

Phil Crumbley (mandolin)

Bounce Margil (musical saw)

Click on song to play:

01) Didgeri Hang
02) One World
03) Searchin; For True Love
04) Gratitude (Hang Drum)
05) Some Thanking You To Do
06) Ashokan Farewell (recorded
..... live on Moscow radio, 11/12
07) Belly Dance Blues
08) Lovin' Ovens
09) Bedrock
10) Grandpa
11) When I'M 64


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