Mally Weaver's Giclee Reproductions

Iris Giclee Printing

Giclee is French for the spraying of ink. This exicting new process uses vegetable-based ink on the finest quality watercolor paper or canvas. These all combine to produce a reproduction that is of the highest quality. Mostly importantly, they are non-fading and permanent.

"Calm Before the Storm
9.5x20 on canvas $205 (add $50 for frame)
19x41 on canvas $365 (add $90 for frame)
"Florida Street"
12x16 on canvas
$125 (add $25 for frame)

"Midnight Passage"
11x30 on canvas
$205 (add $75 for frame)

"End of the Road"
20x28 on paper
$165 (add $50 for frame)

"A Good Day"

"Houseboat Row"
15x32 on paper
$165 (add $50 for frame)
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